Lucca 390 is a brand from Shanghai studio team which is famous for LGBT events, located in Changning Shanghai French concession, builds No.390 Panyu Road. Therefore, originally the name is 390 Shanghai and then in 2015 officially changed its name to Lucca cafe & Lounge referred to as Lucca 390.

Since the opening of Lucca 390,  now it is so famous to majority of the LGBT from domestic and foreign, won awards and high repute several times, won the best LGBT bar title from magazines: 《 time out》 ,《that ‘s Shanghai》 and 《the city weekend》,  now Lucca 390 has been the hottest LGBT bar in Shanghai.

Lucca 390 has two layers, the entry of the bar has a big bar counter and a smaller bar counter next to the dancing floor on the first floor will open at weekends, and there is a DJ booth and cassettes on the second floor, in addition to providing all kinds of cocktails and other drinks, Lucca 390 also provides dinner, such as hamburgers, pizza, pasta, salads, snacks and other delicious food.

Lucca 390 is opening all year round and sometimes organizes all kinds of LGBT culture events on Sunday to Tuesday. On Fridays and Saturdays all kinds of theme parties will make you high up and Lucca 390 is your best choice on the weekend!

Lucca 390 – Focus on LGBT party and culture in Shanghai, give you what you want! 
Lucca 390由上海著名的LGBT活动品牌Shanghai Studio团队打造,坐落于上海长宁区法租界番禺路390号,因此最初起名为390 Shanghai随后于2015年正式更名为Lucca cafe & lounge简称lucca390。
自开业以来深受广大国内外LGBT群体的热烈拥戴,多次获得Time Out、That’s Shanghai、 City Weekend等杂志最佳LGBT酒吧称号,现已成为上海最炙手可热的LGBT酒吧。
Lucca 390拥有上下两层,入门处的大吧台和周末才开放的小吧台及舞池位于一楼,舞池上的二楼拥有DJ台及卡座,除了提供各式鸡尾酒等酒水外,lucca 390还提供了西式晚餐,如汉堡、匹萨、意面、色拉、小吃等精致美食。
全年无休的lucca 390周日至周二不定期举办各类LGBT文化活动,周五、六的各式主题派对更是国内外LGBT群体的派对主场!
lucca 390 – 上海的LGBT派对与文化集中地,给你补充一点精神养料!
That’s Shanghai 2015
Food & Drink Awards
Best LGBT Club
City Weekend 2015
Readers’ Choice Awards
Best LGBT Bar
20:00 – 02:00 | 周一/周二休息 Mondays/Tuesdays Off
+86 21 5295 6979
上海市 长宁区 番禺路 390 号 , 近法华镇路
No.390 Panyu Road, by Fahuazhen Road, Shanghai, China